Choice Architecture

For a behavior to happen we need context and environment. There is a subtle environmental determinism on certain behaviors. You write more when you are surrounded by writers. You tend to drink more in social setting rather than when you are alone. Thats why people say a change of environment can really do good to people who are caught up with bad ones.

If certain environments are making you bad the good news is that certain environments can also make you do good. You can trai yourself to link a particular habit with a particular context. We mentally assign our habits to the locations in which they occur: the home, the office, the gym. Each location develops a connection to certain habits and routines.

Lets look at the term Choice Architecture

This term coined by Thaler and Sunstein (2008) refers to the practice of influencing choice by “organizing the context in which people make decisions” (Thaler et al., 2013, p. 428; see also nudge). A frequently mentioned example is how food is displayed in cafeterias, where offering healthy food at the beginning of the line or at eye level can contribute to healthier choices. Choice architecture includes many other behavioral tools that affect decisions, such as defaults, framing, or decoyoptions. (Reference here)

So going by the above definition, we can re arrange few things in the house for kids to acquire newer behaviours. Like keeping fruits at the eye level and cookies hidden in drawers. Keeping guitar at eye level helps one to practice more. This applies to other things too.





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